Without happiness

Since I participated on the Divine Self-Awareness training my relationship with my parents became peacefull and it is full of harmony. Almost a year ago I left my husband and I live with my children in my parents’ house, but meanwhile I try to find our new home. I would like to have a separate home or flat for living only with my children.
Recently I was joyless even if it was hard to admit to myself. I was told myself I woud be happy if I have a new flat but I realized the reason of my unhappiness was not around my own flat. I imagined the desired nice home what I wanted but I felt without my family it was just a flat and I knew I needed home. My family had broken because of me.
Is there any meaning of the life if we don’t love ones we could love originally? And who could be best loved: our parents, our partners, our children… and finally everybody.
I thought about what I’m happy about. And what am I feeling and doing compare to it? What is my goal, my purpose? What do I expect from life? I do expect holiness in every moment of my life, by the way I make it and create it! Reaching it: I need to confrontate my shadows, also I need to transform my shadowcharacteristics as these are the obsticles of living in real joy and happiness.

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