The Divine Power

There was an excercise on the Divine Self-Awareness training where came out we hadn’t connected to our Higher-Self. It was a nice learning for everybody.
The story has ended for me while rest of the group processed further. I was blocked at this point I felt my soul died and I felt enormous fear of dying as well. I reach the point in my personal development when the Ego started to give up his power. Enikő noticed when I was blocked, came to me and she helped me out from this sticking situation by a guided meditation. In this meditation finally I made certain about the fact: fear has no reality at all! I saw my divine, creative power that I placed myself outside. I thought my ego wanted me to accept that this power can broken me. I had to get out my mind, I raised my vibration level to overwright the fear with the light of my wild-self, faith in my loveability and full confidence. From then on, there wasn’t any question! I became one with my Divine, Creative Power and I felt I can lead my own life!

Fear has no reality!

The education of the Divine Self-Awareness has been started in Hungarian language,

if you are interested in English and would like to know more information about it,

please contact Andrea Gilian on the following phone number: +36- 30-183-2391.