Feeling the Wholeness

I asked my Higher Self to show me the meaning of the dove’s tu-whoo what reminds me of my childhood?

I was driven by my Higher Self on a long way back to the past, back to one of my previous life. I came to the Earth, to the phisycal world in the form of Light Being to increase the vibration level of the people to reach a higher intelligence. As I had difficulties with money, I lost my faith, I forgot that I can raise the vibration level of the people with my light to help them to reach a higher level of consciousness. The will and influence started to work inside of me. I forgot the promise I made at conception: „Just give and flow with unconditional love.” I looked at my will, my influencing shadow-personality in my previous life. I put the new energy transformed by the alchemy of the soul in my wild-self, so I was able to feel again the Wholeness. I let this feeling flow in all cells of my body, in every receptor of my brain, in all vibration level of my soul and in all dimensions of my spirit. I arrived back among people with the quality of high vibration energy that I put in my wild-self like previously. I asked my Higher Self to help me doing well in the material world and to leave the free choice to the people.  I felt the light coming to my body through the top of my head. I felt the blocks in the receptors of my brain. I asked my Higher Self to release my blocks as the light passed through my body. As the light went down I felt my liver, I felt bitternes and vanity in it. Meanwhile the light released the blocks and my shadows inside of me. The light covered my body til my toe. I felt the faith and wholeness, there wasn’t will inside of me at all, only the light: „just give, flow, collect experiences, let the free will to everybody”. This is the way how everybody can go on the spiral if he wants to. I asked my Higher Self to help me keep going on my way, and give me tools with I can influence my enviroment through the „status of wholeness”.

The education of the Divine Self-Awareness has been started in Hungarian language,

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