The power of our soul:
is the creative energy,
the base of experiencing,
the “material” of feelings,
the goal of being.

I do believe that all people are the joy themselves, the creative power of faith, loveable, divine creatures, who are born with destined missions. This mission is to actualise their unique codes via the pure light of the soul and the creative power of faith. There is no mandatory suffering and pain unless we want it that way.

My Wild-Self ‘s unique code is my vocation:

to increase vibration for hearing, to open the eyes for internal seeing, to open the hearts for harmony, to find the way back to the real value-sets, moreover to pay attention to the right for the free choice.

My primary vocation is to awake women’s spiritual talents to experience their body as a queen, their soul as a priestess so that the eternal spirit can live in them fulfilled as a goddess.

Real values as the sanctity of human life and family, respect for life are part of my credo and thus my life.

I show how to resolve and get rid of generational roles, instincts brought from parents.

I open the source of joy, the wild-self for those who want to and need it to fulfil their missions.

I’m glad to let you know there isn’t mandatory suffering and pain unless we want it that way. I broadcast the alchemy of the soul: how we can divert the creative force of the ego towards higher goals and transform it into the power of love. Nothing is made from nothing only something comes from something – this is how the creative power of the ego will reach a new goal and becomes the creative force. The new quality of energy offers the opportunity for a new beginning, for getting rid of our old fixations, our old games and for fulfilling our mission.

What is further coded in me is that the Creator with the power of my faith opens and takes me to unknown dimensions.

The education of the Divine Self-Awareness has been started in Hungarian language,

if you are interested in English and would like to know more information about it,

please contact Andrea Gilian on the following phone number: +36- 30-183-2391.