Divine Self-Awareness Handbook Part 1.

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Seven years after its first Hungarian edition the Divine Self-Awareness Handbook – The story of the preening-teasing Woman has come out in English in PDF. This is the first part of an eight-book series in which I plan to publish the experiences, life situations, teachings and universal laws I have gained and learnt over the past decades – as the Creator’s initiated medium. This way you can meet my method, the Divine Self-Awareness technique and secret, that, as the advocate of this method, I share with other people.

Using the Divine Self-Awareness method, you can raise your vibration level thus you become able to overstep the empire of scares, the world of your games, your routines, your own shadow characteristics, your fears. As you enter your Source, you become able to remember and realize your unique code which you are bearing in the core of your soul. You can realize who you are in truth and what you promised to yourself before arriving to this world.

Using my method the self-awareness can be practiced by everybody in every time and everywhere. Everybody can repeat and do the learned method alone at home and also they can add their own speciality to it with opening their own unique code. This is how the Divine Self-Awareness can become your own special method with which you can become a free, self-dependent spiritual adult.

With love,
Enikő Sághy

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Divine Self-Awareness Handbook Part 1.

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Seven years after its first Hungarian edition the Divine Self-Awareness Handbook – The story of the preening-teasing Woman has come out in English in PDF. This is the first part of an eight-book series in which I plan to publish the experiences, life situations, teachings and universal laws I have gained and learnt over the past decades – as the Creator’s initiated medium. This way you can meet my method, the Divine Self-Awareness technique and secret, that, as the advocate of this method, I share with other people.

Using the Divine Self-Awareness method, you can raise your vibration level thus you become able to overstep the empire of scares, the world of your games, your routines, your own shadow characteristics, your fears. As you enter your Source, you become able to remember and realize your unique code which you are bearing in the core of your soul. You can realize who you are in truth and what you promised to yourself before arriving to this world.

Using my method the self-awareness can be practiced by everybody in every time and everywhere. Everybody can repeat and do the learned method alone at home and also they can add their own speciality to it with opening their own unique code. This is how the Divine Self-Awareness can become your own special method with which you can become a free, self-dependent spiritual adult.

With love,
Enikő Sághy

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Articles is Natural Health Magazine

Natural Health Magazine 2015. – We are travellers

I’m a traveller.

To realize it I almost needed to live all of my life. As I look back to my past I can see how I expierenced the wealth-poorness, beauty-ugliness, fearness-braveness, health- sickness, cleaverness- stupidness, light and lots of shadows. I gave and I got. I lost my fortune – I let it or I lost it completely, the money I earned I spent or it was invested, I had titles but where am I all in these? Who was the person who lived inside of me, with me? Property, title, money, success? What ’s really mine, and what isn’t? Do we really need any wealth here in the Earth? Did I bring all of the knowledge with me into my new life what I gained from my previous life during travelling from one of my life to the other? Do I really realize what are those new experiences that I don’t need to or shouldn’t live again in this life? Why do I repeat unnecessary experiences? I had lot of questions during my life, but the most important was: what the truth is and what the false is? Where is the real answer? Where can I find it?

The way to find it was very long with lots of tragedy but it worths because I was able to go deep down under the surface and I have found the clean, truth treasure inside of me, I have found the real answer: I’m just a traveller. I just borrowed my body also. The Spirit uses my body in order to be able to vitalize the creative-power with the Faith of my soul inside of me, to get know herself on the world of shadows. The Spirit came to this world to experience the shadows of its Light. When I arrived I have brought with me only the talent and the power of the Soul and Spirit via the form of the body, form of the material world. As I grow up I started to listen to the details of the enviroment around me. I observed that the same events effect the people differently and the importance of the same event is also different in one’s life than in the others. Even though the life situations are come to teach us via the experience I needed to realize the main points are different to everybody , it is like sometimes they wouldn’t speak about the same things. When I arrived everything around me was clean and stylish. My parents gave me everything and made sure I was living in a wonderful enviroment. They haven’t anything as property – the room where we lived was rented, the beds were borrowed – but the trust, the love and the power of their faith connected them to each other. As they didn’t inherit anything – their parents lost everything- so only their diligence, their hard working personality, their talent, their faith and their honour have left to help them. During decades they showed and taught me what the important, real and what temporal and pretence things are. They created a warm home where I lived 30 years. The money wasn’t adored but they knew it also needed to gain experince with it. They were focusing on charity rather than welfare.

I listened to myself: what are the things I subscribe to them? What do I refuse and deny? When I learned everything, I measured, lived and I reached a level of readiness where the material started to serve the quality of the soul-spirit, I felt the time arrived to share my knowledge with others to help them. It doesn’t matter what we own in the material world, we are travellers, we leave everything here, but what we will take with us to the eternity via our soul that is the essence of our findings , learnings from our experiences. So the Spirit via the power of its Light gains the experinces in the world of shadows and realizes who he is in truth. What was learned and put in the highest level of consciousness can be let forever. Need to be learned about letting things such as desire, willing, envy, sickness, money, owning materials, fear to somebody, regret etc in order not to come back to the world of shadows. To be free, live his life without fears, feel the real happiness.

Now, as I know that I’m a traveller as a result of my experiences with my inner certainty, confidence and consciousness I let the theories, material objects, habits, people.

Natural Health Magazine 2015. – Soul is the third dimension

Person can manifest itself via 7 octave – Ego runs the surviving program of the mind „I’m not the old Enikő Sághy, however I am with her experiences and with her knowledge via of her all previous lives. I live for my mission to pass the knowledge of Divine Self-Awareness to others to awake people spiritually. Enikő Sághy is a person but I’m a Soul who improve herself via life by life and fulfils the mission why I came to the Earth.” – the medium says about herself who has already helped for thousands of people in the past 2 decades.

I was searching a parking places when my mobile was ringing. Why was she ringing? I was just late a few minutes from the meeting! No, she didn’t bring to book for, just asked where I was and nicely she navigated me to a parking place in front of the house.

– I felt I needed to call you – she was smiling at the entrance of the Egy s Ég Központ. In the house the time slows down and the nerves are calmed down.
– I was a little bit stressed however it wasn’t my first interview , she dissolved my tense to feel like at home. I was wondering: her age wasn’t a secret, she is 62 years old, but her blue eyes are like a twenties, her look is like a wise, her smile is like a little girl, her shape is like a ballerina. I’m very very interested in her and in her method called Divine Self-Awareness.

– I have already read your home page but it is not easy to understand what the Divine Self-Awareness is.
-Yes, you are right. It is not so easy as the understanding of this method is not happening on the level of the mind it can be understand only with the opened soul and via intentions. It was a fantastic experience when my spiritual channel was opened 19 years ago. The messages are came not always in words or in pictures but in musical sounds, perfume and in beautiful forms. Translation of these kind of messages to words were able only with the feeling of the vibration of the soul and with intention. The Divine Self-Awareness is about to know yourself in truth, remember what you have promised to yourself, open the creative power which is inside of you, see the Creator inside of you, know you are unique, one-off, unrepeatability Divine creator who is loveable. Most of the people are suffer because they don’t believe that they are loveable and they don’t know that they are a creator. They are running their surviving programs of their mind, their games always in the same circle driven by their Ego and something needs to be happen to awake them and finally ask the most important question of their life: who they are, what is their aim and their mission here in the Earth.

– It seems to me something happened to you 19 years ago. What was it?
-My life was ended in a certain perspective when I was 40 years old. All the areas of my life were broken, ended at that time: death in the family, serious illness, divorce, loosing my job and my home, financial break-down. Today I know I got these experiences as I asked and not only for myself but for the reason to help to others and when I do my mission I’m able to feel deep solidarity. I became trustworthy with my experiences.

– I would be interested in your first 40 years as well: How did you grow up? When did you get married? Do you have children?
– I was the only child of my parents, I was grown up with deep love, with care and with belief. I did also everything what I could to recompense them, mainly my mother. If I believe my parent’s belief in me and live my life based on it I would have different fortune and I was able to find my mission earlier. Now I give to the people that endless love I got from my parents as I need to pass it to the world in return.

– So basically you were a child till you get 20 years old. And than?
– I got married and started the time of Ego’s experiences through 20 years, the games, the misunderstandings, the reign of the mind while I still lived with my parents. In this period of my life the biggest gifts were my son and my daughter. I was thought my marriage will be ever lasting long so I felt my divorce as a big tragedy at my age of 35. I remarried I started everything again but this marriage also wasn’t successful. Today, when I think about these days I understand the root causes. Unfortunately I needed to go to the deep down of the„hell” to find the right way of my life.

– How do your children handle your mission which is to awake the people in spiritual perspective? What do they think about your approach to the life?
– My son is 37 years old, he is an aware adult man, he follows his way. He knows about his creative power. My daughter is 30 years old now. She was 9 years old when my capability to be a medium was opened. When she saw that I was very desperate to follow my way she was frightened because she thought I was expecting from her the same. She asked me to let her to stay child and I let her to remain child in her childhood. Our task as parents is to accept our children’s decisions, even though we can see they could do better and they could live an easier life. It is very important to know we can not save them from their own experiences, they have rights to do their own ways even we think it is wrong to let them to learn from their „mistakes”. Often I meet children sent by their parents to show them how to realise their own inner truth with the method of Divine Self-Awareness. I help them but their own decision is to utilise it or not. The main point is for our children to find their power which is there inside of them and solve all of their life situations with this belief and they should know that they are loveable – this is the most important.

– The word: Soul is used for several ways. But what is the Soul?
– The Soul is the eternity life, the home of the being where we use our creative power from. The third dimension. We live in the life of the duality of our mind: good-bad, cold-warm, yin-yang. Meanwhile we forget that our life has actually three dimensions: the pointer is the soul, the core of the soul, the wild- self which captures thousands of our previous lives, the laws of energy, the reasons of Karma, the reasons of our life, the promise that we have made to ourself, the unique code, the talent and the knowledge of the person. This is the place where the extremity equalises, this is the place where the doubt the duality, the fear ends, here is the power of balance, the feeling of oneness and you can find here the harmony. The Soul captures all the information. If we open the universal knowledge in our soul on higher vibration level, which appears in pictures, in feelings, in intuition, in projection than our rational mind is able to say: Thy will be done! At this time the mind is able to serve the soul and the spirit and at this time the duality, the doubt and the fear disappear. When you feel the Unity you are not able to make any wrong decision which can hurt anybody. At this time you are in harmony with the world. The spiritual way is very hard as the Ego gives up its power very hard. The beings can fulfil their mission, their talent, their unique code on seven octaves of their sense and consciousness on the Earth.

– What are the seven octaves?
– The first octave is the material, which can presented by mineral: all of our’s body builds up from material. The second one is the world of plants, which is the vegetative operation inside of us. The third one is called level of instinct. This is presented by animals. Here we can experience the extortionate, occupant love. Only the human beings can live on the fourth level which is the thought, mentality where ideas, judgments, opinions, doctrines, religions work. If we just live on this four level, than the surviving program of our Ego keep us alive only on the lower levels. But once we just ask ourselves: Who am I? What is the reason of being here on the Earth? If there is a very strong power behind of these questions we attract people, books which can introduce to us methods, technics which direct us inside to ourselves. At this time our mindset is changing and we will be able to open the fifth octave. The genius, the inventors, the actors live on this level and the inner voice lead them. Lots of people became frightened when reach this level and close themselves, they escape back to the power of Ego. The others start to search more heavily. The truth answer arrives on the level of sixth octave: in our soul, in our wild-self. The sixth octave is the Source itself: this is the promise born with us and it is the unconditional love. This vibration level opens the Observe, the higher Self, the Spirit which is the Creator inside of us.

– Isn’t a pomposity to say I’m a higher level thinker than others?
– This is not a merit, this is a status. The people became free when release theirselves from the control of the Ego and the Creator, the Observer became the leader of their life. On this level the duality is ended and the Unity is created.

– If it is the truth why we need to live with the Ego? Why it is coded inside of us?
– The Ego has a very important role until we are not open on the high level of consciousness: it needs to keep alive us in any circumstances. This is the promise of Ego, this is its responsibility and Ego uses the information which available on lower level to make sure survival. Who remembers of his own reality and of being loveable that person doesn’t need any more games and self-prove. Everybody needs to realise his own level. The spiritually conscious people need to set an example and help those ones who ask for it in their own development.

– Who helped you? Who is your Master?
– Everything I know I got from God. I would be able to be open at my age of 17th but the time wasn’t proper. When the MindControl was available I was running to participate on the course and ask lot of questions. I was recharged with the experience but I haven’t got the answers however I was travelling through dimensions in those days as well but I just thought everybody could do it. I was searching further, I realised I had special talents but I hadn’t got the answers yet. I gave up because I saw that the methods, technics are connected to Masters and to people with certain intentions if I follow them I just give an escaping way to the Ego, so I won’t become a spiritual adult. I was searching fanatically the reason of my being for years, the answers to my questions. Finally the life situation and the ordained time arrived and my spiritual channel was opened. I’m a medium since 1997. April 1st. To do it I needed to know myself first. The work was speeded up by initiation of spiritual word. The Divine Self- Awareness is an universal knowledge discovered by me during continuous improving of my life. I can say it was tested on me by the Creator. What I received I accepted trustingly and as I changed I promptly shared my identifications, my knowledge to the others and I could see how the people also changed: they got well, their suffering ended, their life went to an other better direction. During my personal development I reached the point when I was able to open the energy of magma, the Magenta, which releases our shadow characteristics, our fears. This is used in the Divine Self-Awareness so my mission was fulfilled.

– What is your mission?
– To awake and remind people who they are in truth, to help them to know their mission, the promise of their soul and to fulfil it. During the years a small, enthusiastic team was set whose members connect to each other with the belief and the the self-understanding became the aim of their life. As they became trustworthy they were ready to serve and help others. To continue this work we established the Egy S Ég Központ (~Unity Centre Foundation) and the leading of it was passed to the younger generation.

– But you still help others individually and in groups.
– Of course. I welcome the people and guide them through initiations, meditations I give presentations, I converse with them I always do what needs to be done at that moment. Lots of people tell us about the selfhealing after their own realisation, recognition as their power open during practicing the method. For example they recognise that the cancer is a tool of awakening. The less we follow our mission the more serious warnings come to our life. Cancer can be a cleaning process at the end of the life or a life task: heal yourself! Everybody needs to realise himself what messages are presented via his disease or via his life situation.

– You seems to be younger than you are and this is a fact not only a compliment. How do you do?
– With the Creative Self-Awareness we need to do recognition, realisation so do the alchemy. The release on higher vibration level changes the old, tired energy to new, creative power. This is like when we change the parts in our car, but here I’m doing the power change with the alchemy, as I lead my fate. My physical body, my face, my appearance show on the material level the result of the inner work (self- awareness) but it doesn’t matter, I’m what I feel inside. I have better and worse periods as everybody has. When I was 40 years old I felt I was like a 90 years old. During the spiritual way as I activate my power I’m able to change even decades during 1-2 hours. Using my own healing energy I was able to recover from cancer, eliminated my gallstones, my cyst, my polyp, my fibroids, as I created them so I was able to eliminate them. There was a time when I watched a lot of aggressive film with one of my friend and these films generated painful feelings inside of me, the result of it: I had two kidney stone. The people usually don’t know that they can create their own disease with their thoughts, with their bad habits, with their wrong characteristics. It is very interesting to see after a bigger initiation or block release how the material level reflects the changes happened inside.

– Have you found your partner?
– My current relationship exists since 6 years. Today I know our partners are our mirrors. Sometimes one of them sometimes the other give the love, the belief, the trust which help and develop the relationship and also their spiritual growth. It can go on for several month or years or even forever.

– How can you handle those problems, troubles, worries that the people bring to you?
– In the first years I felt all of their pain I was unhappy because of their problems. For a long time I was very sad later I realised the regret is the lack of faith: if I believe in the others as a divine being, I don’t need to worry about them. And knowing universal law I’m confident every person creates to himself that kind of life situation what he can solve it. I needed to learn: despite of the fact that the people are light beings if their shadows are the main part of their life I can not let them to be too close to me because they can misuse my trust. It took long time to keep the balance, feel the proper solidarity, respect and with these I’m able to keep also the proper distance and I live wisely with the knowledge given by the Creator.

– Can we go back just a little bit to the question how you are keep your health? What do you eat? What do you drink? Do you do exercises? Is it a conscious decision to live healthy life?
– As I know myself it is easy to create the inner-outer harmony. The way to get there was long and it was also hard if I didn’t listen to my inner voice. I’m very sensitive so I can do and eat everything within bounds and I listen to my intentions. Unfortunately sometimes I listened to others, I tried several fashionable, popular things when I saw it was useful for others. I even wasn’t able to follow my old, regular habits. Due to the continuous inner work, the alchemy my body-soul- spirit requires always different quality and volume of food and drink. Also the medium work, the initiations influence all part of my life in a huge compass. I’m demanding on the harmonic circumstances around me not only on the material but on the spiritual level as well. I’m responsible for my body based on it I take care of it, but not put too much emphasize on it. I love to do yoga, excursion, I like walking on the fresh air but I would like to do more than I do it now. And your question is whether it is a conscious decision to live healthy life, my answer is I can live only like this with self-awareness: consciously, honestly, unequivocally, fairly with the openness of the universal love creating oneness in all areas of my life. Unfortunately I have realised the holiness and the real value of the life only in the past few years.

– Are you happy?
– I have found I have been searching for: Myself! The happiness is: the being itself! I exist! About Enikő Sághy: She was born in 1953. She got married at her age of 21. She has a son and a daughter. She divorced in 1988 later on she got married again. When she was 40 years old a lot of tragedy happened in her life: the death of her parents, she divorced again, she lost her job, financial bankruptcy etc. „I needed to experience the life with the games o f my Ego and than a certain level of Self-Awareness to be able to fulfil my mission meekly. I arrived at home when I was 44 years old” she wrote about her awakening. She recognised her task as a medium is to advertise the knowledge of self-awareness and help people on their spiritual way. Since the realisation she lives her life to her mission. In 2005 she published a book called „Divine Self-Awareness” which was sold in 5000 copies and it can’t buy now. Also the second book called „Unity” was a big success with the Calendar published yearly since 2012. The 1st part of the „Divine Self-Awareness” series has been already published, 6 CDs were issued and lots of lectures can be found on YouTube (some of them with english subscribe). In 2012 she founded The Unity Foundation (Egy S Ég Központ Egyesület). The aim and the creed of the foundation is the Self-Awareness which connects to the universal values and laws and to the spiritual ability of the person. The Method of Divine-Self- Awareness The main point of the Divine-Self- Awareness: increasing of the vibration level, which can be reached via the connection of the energy of the Sun and the Earth in our Self-Wild. The golden string of the Sun represents the energy of unconditional love and the core energy of the Earth which release the fears called Magenta these two energies are connected in the Self-Wild in the core of the Soul so the vibration level of the person increases. Increasing of vibration level, opening of self-wild, confrontation with our shadow self characteristics, seeing the real root causes of the happenings of our life, the alchemy of the Soul, opening the aspect from soul level of disease, release of blocks, of self healing energies, cleaning of chakra, meeting with High-Self, releasing of Karma, meditation, reborn, releasing of curses, binding, magic, rewriting of the upcoming blocks in the deep consciousness from conception, release the fearing from death and compunction, cleaning the energy for childbirth, contact with the coming baby, meeting spiritual Masters and helpers, overwriting the multigenerational programs brought via gene code, individual and group initiations belong to the technics of Divine Self-Awareness and these are applied with taking into consideration of the moment, the uniqueness of the person and the unrepeatability of the possibility. There are possibilities of having individual consultations, individual initiations, group self-awareness meetings, block releasing.

Ezoporta 2012 – Honest intention

Our mind’s characteristic is the polarity so the quality of our intention is determined by our thoughts. On the one hand for example I can hug somebody to show my love to him, but I can do it also if I want to get out of something of our relationship, I do have back-door intent and I do it for purpose of my mind.

Or I do something against somebody directed by revenge, or I do something wrong with bad intent. In these cases the karma debit –credit sides run unawares which will be balanced later on, when I can’t recall why I got it.

On the other hand I want to help on somebody with good intent; I do something instead of him. Without trusting in his Wild-Self: I can’t believe he can do it by himself so I do it for him. I don’t trust in the other people, I do not believe he is able to solve his problems alone. Not taking into consideration that I ask all of my life-situations, only I’m able to make the best decision in my life, only I’m able to direct my destiny. As I would like to solve his problem instead of him, I take the possibility over from him and not let him do it by himself. The karma will come back in this case as well as I didn’t believe in the other person.

The polar mind plays games with feeling of shortage and doubt. Behind of the decisions the polar mind uses intentions with the power of the thinking.

The polar mind creates the intention. As we live in a 3 dimension world we can’t be satisfied with the polarity of the mind. Where is the third quality, where is the pure intention, where is the possibility of the life without Karma? The pure intention isn’t other than the mindless thoughts. If the mind is able to give the power to the Soul and to the Spirit and able to say: “Thy will be done“ than the balance of Soul-Spirit-Mind opens the thought lives in the Soul. Here there isn’t any intention as thought wasn’t born on the lowest vibration level, neither on the polarity of the mind and it doesn’t derive from the fear.

The creation starts on a higher vibration level, from the real Order, from the core of the Soul, from the Wild-Self, this is our Soul and here there isn’t any fear, there isn’t duality, there isn’t doubt, this is the place where our Soul’s pure Light exists. Here it is everything is what it is in truth. The Oneness shows itself on the level of total consciousness; it shows itself in the feeling of Wild-Self. Here it is the Oneness, the belief in the universal knowledge, in lovability, goodness, the creative power of the light of the universal love, if we make decisions from this quality, which comes up in the form of the insights, intuitions, inner voice, inspirations, ideas and they are always pure, visible, involuntary, disinterestedly. The decision derives from the Soul on high vibration level is without any malice.

And If I have any purpose I honestly tell to the other people and I take the responsibility, I undertake all of my thoughts, all of my decisions and I know the root causes and the reasons why I do it. In this case the Law of Karma won’t have any effect.

NLCafé Divine Self-Awareness

Most of our problems derives from the fear that we are not loveable. In order to release this fear and live a free, joyful life we need to face to our „mistakes”, our shadows. The way is to know ourselves which requires huge power, energy, strength and it is helpful if we have a good method to do it.

The word of LOVE became banal maybe because only just a few people know what love means actually. We can’t leave without love, so all of us desire it and do everything to prove we worth it. We get money, power, title – and who knows what – because we believe we can be loveable only with these. We think we are not loveable with our mistakes and we are not able to accept other’s mistake and otherness. This is the expecting, extortive, depending love and there is fear behind of it. The fear of not being loveable.

Who lives like this always searching the feedback of being loveable, but no sooner than he finds it right away searches it further because he needs the next feedback, with this approach he can be happy and satisfied only for a short time. Meanwhile he plays game and during these games he plays role and he identifies himself with this role and it becomes habit unperceived which live an individual life on him and he forgets completely who he is in truth.

The alchemy of the Soul

„The aim of our life is to know ourself and fulfil our mission” says Enikő Sághy medium, self-awareness consultant. – We asked our games to experience, to know our self- shadow characteristics behind of our roles such as defeatism, anger, arrogance, envy or jealousy. When we experience on the level of fear we live doubtfully, impatiently, guiltily, in fights, without self-confident, we blame others. At this time we face with seemingly unsolvable problems according to the law of attraction and we need to solve the hard life situations such as unemployment, stringency, divorce, disease, bad partnership, bad relationship with our parents. We loose harmony, we can’t find our profession and activate our karma.
When we recognise our love-ability, we respect ourselves, we love ourselves unconditionally and we trust in ourselves, we create higher level quality in our life. The belief of loving ourselves originally live in each and every person’s Soul, this is a creative power and if we realise and activate it we can release our energy blocks of decades. This is the alchemy of the Soul, through of it new quality of energies are released inside of us and according to the law of attraction new life situations, much pleasant events happen to us. To be able to do this we need to raise our vibration level and the tool of it is the Magenta energy.

Magenta – energy of fear releasing

In order to be able to face with our „mistakes”, with our fears we need courage. The base of Sághy Enikő’s meditation method of the Divine Self-Awareness is the neon vibrating aubergine purple color Magenta energy that gives power to face ourselves. When we face our mistakes we feel ashamed.

The Magenta energy releases the fear from feeling ashamed. The usage of it raises our vibration level so gives us power to release and forgive our old behaviour patterns, pressures, our blocks, our roles, our self-shadow characteristics so we can overstep our fears. It helps to remember what is in our Wild-Self so we can realise our values, capabilities, talents so it help to remember who we are in truth.

Empire of knowledge of everything

During meditation when we raise our energy level our Wild-Self is opening which is between heart chakra and thymus. This is the core of our Soul, the place of fearless, our true self, our creative energy, our real safety and our self-confidence, our remembrance and our empire of knowledge of everything. Our Wild-Self keeps thousands of our previous lives which is the base of our current life. It contains the why/reason of our karma, all root causes and consequence combinations, the way of let our fear go, our real profession, all answers to our questions.

As there isn’t any fear in our Wild-Self, the fear doesn’t shadow to face ourself on high vibration level so we are able to get rid of our old behaviour pattern and pressures. At this time we will be able to realise the real root cause of our problems and not only realise but also overwrite on soul level and with it we reach huge changes in our life. Using this method everybody can reach wonderful results in his life. All of the pain, harms can be let go and we are able to arrange our own relationship with our parents, siblings, partners, children or even with our boss. We are able to find the reason of our disease, our sterile or even the reason of our unhappiness in our sexual life. We will be able to forgive and put down the sense of guilt coming from the past, we can release our karma, our traumas from childhood, we can find our real profession and can arrange our financials. The experience coming from the other dimension which helps to change mindset, arrange self estimation, revalue our life and say good by to our habits.

Gradual liberation

The meditation can be leaded – individual or group – and learning the technic it can be used at home by alone. We get as many recognitions each time, what we can process on our conscious level. Gradually like onion -skin falling down the fear and the transmutation of the blocking energies give us new creative energy and new personality. The creative power of our Soul will reveal to us gradually and the energy which worked against us in the past will work for us and bringing happyness, satisfaction, health, success in our life. This is the way how everybody can be free, independent from everybody and everything and became a spiritual adult.

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