Dream and reality

First of all I would like to say thank you for Enikő for showing her method. When I use her method I can open and improve myself.
The spiritual improvement became part of my life completely and I will do everything to make sure I stay on my way.
I would like to share with You both parts of dream.
First dream: you are with me and a wonderful, peaceful, happy feeling come to me and make me cry. This feeling comes from the bottom of my heart, from my wild-self. You say to me: “The wonder comes from your wild-self, it’s your truth. You are that. Everything else is just illusion, lying.” Afterwards I wake up, but the feeling stayed in my chest, under my heart so strongly and deeply I have never felt this before not even during meditation – even my meditations were also very good.
The next thought came I had to write it down and send it to you.
I went back sleep, asked my Higher Self and all helpers to send me strong and clear way if they had any further information for me and also asked them to make sure I remember to it.
Second dream: I’m with my wife in a flat; I feel the same universal love in my heart like in my first dream. When I look up I can see a strange light phenomenon on the sky through the window; I thought it was an unidentified flying object. I showed to my wife also. Lights came closer to us and I felt they wanted me. I was robbed by the UFOs and they wanted to take away this wonderful feeling but I protected it, when they realized they couldn’t take away from me this wonderful, peaceful feeling I was sent back to Earth in a body of a child into a different family than mine currently. My younger sister gulped, I tried to save her but nobody else took any action to help. In my heart I still felt the wonderful love as before and it fulfilled my whole body.

When my sister died she was transferred suddenly into an alien and she checked whether the love was deleted out from me and when they realized that the love can’t be deleted out from me they took me with themselves.  They shared with me their important knowledge about system of planets, run of universe etc. I asked them whether they know about ancient, unconditional love. Whether did they felt any time of the pervasion of unconditional love in their bodies and in their cells?

They didn’t understand the reason of having this feeling, what they could use it for. An alien appeared next to me who had a shape like a banana. I told to him please taste yourself to feel the wonderful feeling of himself. (Why was it a banana – I didn’t know)

The wonder coming from unconditional love pervaded his body also. He offered himself to be eaten by others and the unprintable feeling fulfilled everybody. I told them this is unconditional love, even we could sacrifice ourselves (like banana who was completely consumed) to make sure the other also could experience this feeling.

Everybody was shining – also myself – around me and they realized this feeling couldn’t take away from anybody however has to be spread it and help others to feel the same wonder.
At this time I woke up and I felt again I had to write my dream down. When I was awake I still felt the wonder. I had to wake up my husband to share with him this feeling, and I hugged him to give him this love and power which fulfilled me inside. He asked whether I had a nightmare but I replied this wasn’t a nightmare but a wonder and teaching.

We hugged each other for a long time until we woke up finally and went for work (my tears are coming now while I’m writing this down).


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