Don’t want anything!

I would like to share with you my meditation. I barely believe it really happened.
In my asleep a voice told me something, I woke up suddenly. Who was and what did he say? I couldn’t remember anything; even I tried to call back his short sentence.
I raised my vibration level with the help of connection of golden string and magenta afterwards I started meditation. I asked my Higher Self to direct my meditation as it was good, needed and necessary for me.
All the sorrow came up from my childhood, I felt: I didn’t want to live. I saw myself as a child who wanted to stab a knife into him afterwards he wanted to kill himself by poisoning. I felt very deeply the sorrow in all parts of my body.
Driven by my Higher Self I put the knife and poison on a golden tray. I stand in front of a mirror and I saw how I became a Shiny Light Being. As I hold the knife and vial of poison in my hand they were transformed into water of life.
I opened up my chest with the golden knife and I dropped the water of the life from the glass into my Wild Self. I felt it transfix all parts, nerves, cells, organs of my body, vibration of my soul and dimensions of my spirit. I felt coziness in all of my cells. I felt peace, silent and wholeness.
I don’t want to lose this feeling. Where am I? What is this place? Am I lying on an altar? I’m lying on the altar of God! “Don’t want anything, don’t want anything, don’t want anything!” I heard repeatedly this sentence. At this time I realized I had heard the same sentence in my dream. I let the feeling and I didn’t want anything. I was flying, I felt good.
I felt how my wild-self was expanded and became warmer. Meanwhile thousands of little stars appeared on the sky, one of them came to me. I felt warmness in my chest and I felt my long time no seen grandmother! Grandma! I felt my chest more and more and it wasn’t warm any more but it like burt. It was very pleasant feeling! It was very hot! My grandmother was with me, I felt all vibrations of her soul, and all of her gentle love. Our souls joined, I felt her! In this warmness I spent with her a lot of time – even I don’t know how much time! And as quickly she arrived she went but the warmness had left in my soul.
You can see over there exists! We connected on soul level. I can’t realize it with my mind!
As I came back nicely slowly to the Earth the voice said again: “Didn’t want anything!”
I finished my meditation; my Higher Self closed my chakras as it was good, needed and necessary for me.
Miracles come with feelings and with “not wanting”! If you strongly want, it won’t work! Thank you very much this miracle, thanks for this sense.


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