The material world influences me still. When I feel bad, I listen your meditation and I get on to the fact that miracle is happened again, as your method works.  I feel much better after meditation. I do love to listen the lectures ie. the lecture of home-getting from Fonyód. I think my moving and my mother’s remission will connect to the remission of material things. I’m in the middle of searching my new rented room. Yesterday it came into my mind Saint Crown and the Crown Jewels, I was reading and I found wonderful things about them. I also read about St Peter and St Paul. There are a lot of wonderful things in Hungary, and I know it counts that I do know you and I can be free in the vibration area of self-awareness. It was really wonderful to participate in the programs of Association, like the big gong meditation. I felt a big light energy around my body, I raised my head and I just shared my lights. I’m very happy that I was able to live through.

The education of the Divine Self-Awareness has been started in Hungarian language,

if you are interested in English and would like to know more information about it,

please contact Andrea Gilian on the following phone number: +36- 30-183-2391.