Finding my calling

My story started with that I was made redundant at work. For many years I hadn’t been working in profession, I didn’t have experience in the field and I didn’t like it very much anyway. Because I couldn’t find a promising job I thought this was no coincidence. I would choose a new profession and I would do what gives me joy. But what is that? I could not figure it out.

I went to see Enikő to look into what my persuit was. To my biggest surprise I saw a 2-3 year-old little girl as she stood next to me in the kitchen while I was making a sandwich for her… From this we could only make out one thing that I would like to do – babysitting. Just the thought of it gave me utter joy and happiness, because this would not be a job for me at all. I went home with the thought that I would earn money with this „job”.

But of course my husband and family jeered at me that I was not going to make a living out of this, I would not be registered at the authorities, I would always have to look for a new family etc. They pulled me down so much that I believed I would not succeed. I looked for an office job with a long face, which of course didn’t work out. A year later I went to see Enikő again and I saw children everywhere in the meditation. I live once, I thought, so I decided to try. I would like to be a mother-figure in a child’s life and give them lots of love. Regardless that I was in a more difficult financial situation than a year earlier, my husband had less work and our marriage was in ruins. My granny gave me the money to become a nanny and afterwards I voluntared to work for free at day-care for weeks.

The first child I minded was a little girl, who I saw in the meditation and even the kitchen looked exatly the same. Then I was mediated to a family to whom I worked for for 9 years. Where I was loved, respected, appreciated and well-paid. I had a wonderful time with them and I adored the 2 children, who since then are going to school.

Since then God always makes sure to send newborn babies in my way, whom I can love unconditionally. And I experience and live my little miracles every day… So trust that inner voice, because it only wants the best for us.

The education of the Divine Self-Awareness has been started in Hungarian language,

if you are interested in English and would like to know more information about it,

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