Shadow of the past

I have faced with my shadow-personalities which come up against my will but in lighter and lighter form in my dreams  since Sunday.  It is very hard to keep away my shadow-personalities and not behave silly-billy, it hurts in my soul and I could scream inside of me. Now I feel and understand the step I have to take, this is why my ego escaped and I didn’t want to take into consideration the signs coming from the Universe. I still feel myself immature, but at least I step on my real way and I keep going. It hurts that those of my negative natures come back in my dreams that I fought with up til now: envy, will, pride, arrogance, defiance, vindictiveness, defiance and additionally malediction. I tried to escape with the explanation that I can’t bear leeches who just want my energy! Was it unnecessary to work on these shadow-personalities if they come back in my dreams and in physical world gentle way? It is very paintful. Meanwhile I can see magical symbols in 3D. I don’t understand myself! The fear wants to come back. It is like a fight for my light. My ego wants to keep his will and says you stay whitch and you won’t be Goddess! These are my feelings, but I stay on my way and raise my vibration level and right after I feel myself much better. I don’t need the games of the past as they are not good, I don’t need them, these are not necessary in my life anymore, I don’t want to live like living dead. Thanks for the power I and my mates got from you! Thanks for everything! I know I will solve it as I have Faith in it.

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