Just a month ago I contacted Enikő and asked her for a consultation.  After this happened my life has changed completely and I could say this gave back my life. At the end of my meditation I felt like a kerchief felt down in front of my eyes.  My life starts again, the result of it dramatically and promptly visible: my marriage which had been in ruins many years since, automatically improved. We don’t need to tell our stories, because my family is changing, rising with me. My mother suffered from arthralgy and due to it she needed to lie in bed, but she has left her bed and can walk again. The behavior of our pets also has been changed.  The people on the street smile at me stop me to chat as when I was pregnant.  I feel I’m blessed again but another sense.  Thanks a lot!

The education of the Divine Self-Awareness has been started in Hungarian language,

if you are interested in English and would like to know more information about it,

please contact Andrea Gilian on the following phone number: +36- 30-183-2391.